It’s Berkeley vs. Big Soda – Where Do You Stand?

Berkeley City Council Votes Unanimously to Place Soda Tax on November Ballot  Read our press release.

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Join thousands of committed Berkeleyans in standing up to the soda industry and supporting the soda tax on this November's ballot.  The link between sugary drinks and diseases like diabetes is undeniable, and the CDC now projects that 1 of every 3 kids will get diabetes in their lifetimes unless we do something about it.  The tax will be a huge step forward for children's health, and is endorsed by prominent organizations and individuals across Berkeley - the NAACP, Latinos Unidos, the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and many more.

The soda industry targets their marketing towards children, and disproportionately, children of color, because Big Soda - like Big Tobacco before it - knows that their future profits rely on it.  Berkeley will be a leader in taking back the health of the nation from Big Soda when we pass this soda tax this November.

Join this winning movement.  We need your voteyour donationsyour volunteerism, and your voice asking friends and neighbors to support us. 



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As of January 2017, Berkeley’s soda tax has generated more than $2.5 million for community nutrition & health efforts, including school garden programs.