Participate in the Berkeley vs. Big Soda poster contest!

UPDATE: We've extended our deadline for submissions to Friday, September 19th, 5:00 pm

WE NEED YOUR VISUAL IMAGES to represent our campaign! Send us your SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and EFFECTIVE images to get our message out and get people to vote yes on Measure D in November. Your work will appear on posters, mailings, social media, and other campaign materials in Berkeley and beyond!

Here’s the message we want to convey:

SUPPORT THE SODA TAX ON THIS NOVEMBER’S BALLOT. The link between sugary drinks and diseases like diabetes is undeniable, and the Centers for Disease Control now projects that 1 of every 3 kids will get diabetes in their lifetimes unless we do something about it. The soda industry targets their marketing towards children, and disproportionately, children of color, because Big Soda - like Big Tobacco before it - knows that their future profits rely on it. The tax will be a huge step forward for children's health, and is endorsed by prominent organizations and individuals across Berkeley - the NAACP, Latinos Unidos, the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Carole Davis Kennerly, Anna Blythe Lappe, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and many more. Berkeley will be a leader in taking back the health of the nation from Big Soda when we pass this soda tax this November.

Here are rules and guidelines to get you started:

  • Images should be submitted no later than Friday, September 19, 2014, at 5:00 pm.
  • Completed and signed release form:
  • Please send electronic copies, suitable for an 11 x 17 inch poster, plus the appropriate completed and signed release form to:


Eligibility: Anyone is eligible to enter! Spread the word!

Themes: These are the messages that we need to get out. Any one of the themes below should inform your image(s):

  • Improving children’s health; healthy kids
  • Communities driving social change
  • Children’s health vs. industry profits, predatory industry, people over profits

Poster Requirements:

  • Submitted images must be created by the submitting artist(s); can be a pre-existing image
  • Size: Scaleable to 11 x 17 inches
  • Theme: One of the three themes above must be addressed
  • Text: “Yes on Measure D”
  • Creativity, originality and artistic quality
  • Visual Clarity
  • Portrait or Landscape Layout
  • No copyrighted artwork, characters, or brand names may be used in the poster
  • Electronic submissions only

Submission Deadline:

  • All submissions must be delivered electronically by Friday, September 19, 5:00 pm, to

Selection Process:

  • Artists can submit multiple entries
  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected by members of the Berkeley Healthy Child Committee Executive Committee and Campaign Committee
  • BHCC will select at least three (3) images to represent the campaign on posters, mailings, social media and other campaign materials
  • Selected images will be announced and posted on Berkeley vs. Big Soda website ( as submissions arrive.

Information and Release Form:

  • Fill out the appropriate Release Form providing contact information and granting BHCC permission to use submitted image(s) for the Berkeley vs. Big Soda campaign.
  • Submit with your entry to

For further information please contact Marian Mabel (


to the Ecology Center

As of January 2017, Berkeley’s soda tax has generated more than $2.5 million for community nutrition & health efforts, including school garden programs.