Berkeley NAACP

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

Latinos Unidos de Berkeley

Lifelong Medical Care, Inc.

YMCA of the Central Bay Area        

Berkeley Community Gardening Collaborative

Berkeley Council of Classified Employees

Berkeley Dental Society

Berkeley Federation of Teachers

Berkeley Firefighters L1227

Berkeley Media Studies Group

Berkeley Organizing Congregations for Action

Berkeley Youth Alternatives

California Black Health Network

California Center for Public Health Advocacy

Ecology Center

Healthy Black Families

League of Women Voters - Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville

Malcolm X Elementary PTA

Options Recovery Services

Parents of Children of African Descent

Physicians for Social Responsibility, S.F. Bay Area

Public Health Institute

Urban Adamah Jewish Community Farm



Michael Pollan, Knight Professor of Journalism, UC Berkeley*

Alice Waters, Founder, Edible Schoolyard Project; Executive Chef, Founder, and Owner of Chez Panisse

Vicki Alexander, Berkeley City Health Director, Retired

Martin Bourque, Executive Director, Ecology Center

Dr. Wendel Brunner, Director of Public Health Contra Costa County*

Michael Alvarez Cohen, Candidate for Berkeley City Council District 8

Dr. Pat Crawford, Dept of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, UC Berkeley*

Joshua Daniels, Berkeley School Board Member

Linda Franklin, Nutrition Program Manager

Charles Gibson, Berkeley Community Health Commission*

Shirley Issel, Former Berkeley School Board President

Hon. Carole Davis Kennerly, former Berkeley Vice Mayor

Anna Blythe Lappe, Small Planet Institute

Marty Lynch, CEO of LifeLong Medical Care

Marian Mabel, Co-President, Malcolm X PTA

Joy Moore, garden educator and community food activist

Xavier Morales, Executive Director, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

Trish Ratto, Health*Matters, University Health Services, UC Berkeley*

Dr. Jeff Ritterman, cardiologist and former Richmond City Council member

Joshua Room, Co-President, Malcolm X PTA

Ces Rosales, Berkeley Community Health Commission*

Holly Scheider, parent and public health activist

Dr. Lynn Silver, Senior Advisor, Public Health Institute

Julie Sinai, Berkeley School Board Member

*affiliation is for identification purposes only



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