Vote Yes on Measure D in November

The link between sugary drinks and diseases like diabetes is undeniable, and 40% of kids will get diabetes in their lifetimes unless we do something about it.

Join thousands of committed Berkeleyans in standing up to the soda industry and supporting the soda tax. The tax will be a huge step forward for children's health, and is endorsed by prominent organizations and individuals across Berkeley - the NAACP, Latinos Unidos, the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and many more.

The soda industry targets their marketing towards children, and disproportionately, children of color, because Big Soda - like Big Tobacco before it - knows that their future profits rely on it. Berkeley will be a leader in taking back the health of the nation from Big Soda when we pass this soda tax this November.

Join this winning movement.  We need your voteyour donationsyour volunteerism, and your voice asking friends and neighbors to support us.


The Hidden – and Not So Hidden – Benefits of a Soda Tax

by Allen D. Kanner, Ph.D.

Robert Goizueta, Coca Cola’s CEO from 1981 -1997, had a grand vision for the world: by the early 21st century, people would drink more Coke than water. A few years later, in 2001, CEO Douglass Daft unveiled an installable tap that automatically mixes Coke syrup with water to make the soda directly available from the kitchen faucet, a technology right in line with Goizueta’s global ambitions.

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Participate in the Berkeley vs. Big Soda poster contest!

WE NEED YOUR VISUAL IMAGES to represent our campaign! Send us your SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and EFFECTIVE images to get our message out and get people to vote yes on Measure D in November. Your work will appear on posters, mailings, social media, and other campaign materials in Berkeley and beyond!

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Door to Door Canvassing
10am - 2pm
Meet at Campaign Headquarters
2225 Shattuck
Training Provided.
RSVP not required.
Phone Banking

5:30pm - 8pm
Campaign Headquarters
2225 Shattuck
RSVP appreciated but not required.
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