Vote Yes on Measure D in November

We face a serious health crisis: 40% of kids will get diabetes in their lifetimes unless we do something about it. The link between sugary drinks and diseases like diabetes is undeniable. Measure D is a strong policy that addresses this crisis by taxing the companies that distribute sugary drinks in Berkeley, like soda, energy drinks, and sugary coffee syrups. Measure D also establishes a panel of health professionals and educators to advise City Council on how best to support programs to reduce sugary drink consumption and improve children’s health across Berkeley.

Respected health and community leaders enthusiastically endorse Measure D, including the American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics-California, Berkeley Federation of Teachers, NAACP, Latinos Unidos, YMCA, Monterey Market, Robert Reich, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and many more. See our full endorser list.

Opposition to Measure D is funded with over two million dollars from the American Beverage Association, the lobbying arm for Big Soda. They are dumping unprecedented dollars on Berkeley in an attempt to obscure the health issues at stake and buy an election. Like the tobacco industry before it, Big Soda wants to mislead voters to protect their profits. Read our Open Letter to Berkeley.

Stand with thousands of your Berkeley neighbors on the right side of history by voting Yes on D, making a donation, and volunteering with us.


Read Robert Reich's Huffington Post piece on Berkeley's Measure D

by Robert Reich

Appeared in The Huffington Post
& on 9/8/14

I was phoned the other night in middle of dinner by an earnest young man named Spencer, who said he was doing a survey.

Rather than hang up I agreed to answer his questions. He asked me if I knew a soda tax would be on the ballot in Berkeley in November. When I said yes, he then asked whether I trusted the Berkeley city government to spend the revenues wisely.

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The Hidden – and Not So Hidden – Benefits of a Soda Tax

by Allen D. Kanner, Ph.D.

Robert Goizueta, Coca Cola’s CEO from 1981 -1997, had a grand vision for the world: by the early 21st century, people would drink more Coke than water. A few years later, in 2001, CEO Douglass Daft unveiled an installable tap that automatically mixes Coke syrup with water to make the soda directly available from the kitchen faucet, a technology right in line with Goizueta’s global ambitions.

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